Career Explorations Program

The Career Explorations Program is a internship uniquely funded under The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant to provide career advancement opportunities for students ages 16-24. The program’s target goal is to recruit opportunity youth in underprivileged Memphis metropolitan areas in hopes of decreasing reoccurring youth unemployment rates by exposing youth to hands-on professional experience in sectors of interest and providing additional post secondary opportunities.


Increase professional skills

Explore and evaluate potential career opportunities

Gain insight into the formal and informal expectations of a field

Expand network of professionals

Develop a network to assist in making career decisions

Increase marketability for future employment


Be between the ages of 16-22

Be enrolled in High school or post secondary institution and maintain regular attendance

Successful completion of high school, post secondary, or GED program

Please complete the application and email and copy of your resume to Crystal Caulfield, [email protected]

Career Explorations Application