Thank you to everyone who attended our 52nd Steak n' Burger Dinner!


With over 430 sponsors, guests, staff, Club members, and supporters present, this year’s Steak n’ Burger dinner was a huge hit! Elements like the 360 booth courtesy of Marcus Jones of L3Media, MuzikMafia Cosmo & the Good Good Life Martini mixed and handed out by Bryan Krauch of Barflys and Courtney Beebe of Porch & Parlour, and including professional emcee and auctioneer Tom and Jay of  James R. Cash Auctions set the tone for a steak n’ Burger, unlike the previous 51 years. Club members enjoyed popcorn, their own 360 booth, and our special music instructors Charity and Diamond to help promote Notes for Notes. All 19 Clubs were represented with 2 Club members at each table. That is one tradition we didn’t touch! Guests ate wonderful Sonic burgers, cooked to perfection by the Memphis Metro and MS area Managers led by Ronnie Solberg, and had an ice cream dessert bar courtesy of Grinder-Taber-Grinder, as well as pasta salad and Charcuterie boxes prepared by our own Technical Training Center’s Culinary students. The night was capped off with the incomparable musical talent of BGC Alumni Damien Horne! Thank you to those who attended and supported Steak n’ Burger!


Marcus Jones of L3 Media (and Bernal E Smith Board member) graciously donated his time and one of his 360 booths and roaming selfie photography for the night. Everyone had a great time and LOVED having their turn in the spotlight!

L3 Media is the Mid-South’s premier videography and photography company. They provide videography, photography, website and design services.

Our guest of honor, Damien Horne, and his wife Tricia showing us their superstar moves!!

We love our Volunteers and here are a few showing us their best moves!

Some of our Club kids having a great time in the 360 Booth!

Thank you Phillip Van Zandt Photography!
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Till Next Year!